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The plan for this web site is to be a home for any and all things pertaining to the study of the first and greatest consulting detective, the inimitable Sherlock Holmes. Aside from an homage to the famous sleuth himself, to his great friend and chronicler, and to the literary agent who made the whole record of great adventures possible, the broad realm of Sherlockiana in general will be considered relevant.

The "Conan" of Sherlock Holmes Stories & More!

The plan is to provide the complete stories and novels of Sherlock Holmes (in well-proofed html, txt, and pdf formats) and the wonderful art that has accompanied those tales. It is planned that this site will offer original essays, commentary, original illustrations, and more -- including a WebLog ("blog") on matters Sherlockian: The SHERBLOG-HOME!

ESSAY: "The Continuing Adventures of the Legendary Detective"
by Frank Coffman
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Anything on the web that touches upon Sherlock Holmes will be regularly researched and a growing Annotated Webliography of Links will be provided for quick access from this site to other important sites Sherlockian.

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